Style tips on how to wear leggings

Leggings are the most comfortable piece of clothing among others. One should wear it in every way possible. It can even be a substitute for pants. But still, some won’t prefer leggings. But no matter how you feel about leggings, I am sure there is an outfit idea in here that you’ll love.

Here are style tips on how to wear leggings:

1. An open button-down shirt, a scarf, and leggings with boots will make a significant and comfy outfit.

2. Some can be uncomfortable wearing leggings with a shorter shirt or top, so wear a long cardigan instead.

3. A long and loose t-shirt plus a long cardigan with leggings – this outfit is very comfy but still looks trendy and stylish.

4. If you have an active lifestyle, you can wear your leggings with sneakers and a graphic tee. It’s like wearing sweatpants with a sweatshirt.

5. Slim leggings are great with combat boots. Match it up with a leather jacket, and you’re on it.

6. They say that when a shirt is long enough to be a dress but is not quite there yet, it is made for leggings. So far, it is true. I am sure that it will never go wrong.

7. You can also wear slightly cropped leggings with your favorite ankle boots, plus a trench coat. Look how you will be in style.

8. Leggings can make you feel warm during colder days. Wear them under a mini skirt to make you feel more comfortable.

9. Did you know that leggings are not just available in plain ones? There are also sequin leggings, among others. Go for sequin leggings instead of regular plain ones. It is so much more fun!

10. Your laziest day can be more comfortable with slightly cropped leggings, sneakers, and a sweater.

11. You can also pair your leggings with a sweater dress plus heels. Now it’s a cozy winter outfit.

12. Your patterned leggings can pair primarily with white, black, or other solid colors. It’s fun to experiment with sometimes.

13. Running errands or gettings things done? No problem. Wear your leggings plus a denim jacket, and you’ll be comfortable.

14. A fitted blazer can also go with your leggings. Match it up with a statement necklace and be stylish as ever.

What more could you ask? Try these leggings combo, and you’ll surely love them.

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