What is athleisure and why is it popular?

Athletic plus Leisure, a.k.a Athleisure, is a trend that has taken the fashion world by storm.

As defined by Merriam-Webster, Athleisure is casual clothing designed to be worn for exercising and general use. Those who like to wear athletic wear for casual and daily wear have primarily adopted the trend. Athleisure apparel is not just worn by gym and fitness enthusiasts but also by people looking for comfortable and relaxed looks.

It is hard to pinpoint where the trend started, but we would consider its beginning since the 1970s when the popularity of fitness came to the surface. And athleisure clothing got its start in the late 19th century. The term athleisure was first used in 1979 in an issue of Nation’s Business, describing clothing and shoes designed for people who wanted to look athletic. Throughout the 20th century, new clothing was designed to meet the needs of athletes, including shorts, which were first intended for use in the gym, and running shoes. Athleisure has evolved over the years. While athletic brands created sports apparel for specific sports before, nowadays, athleisure is designed to wear for all circumstances. This trend rose to prominence in the 2000s.

Athleisure wear is not confined to yoga pants and a top but comprises various clothing items, including leggings, sneakers, shorts, sweatpants, tights, gym tanks, and much more.

This billion-dollar fashion trend doesn’t limit itself to clothing only. Sports leisure shoes are outperforming performance footwear, according to studies.

Why is it so popular? Let us count the ways.

1.) Athleisure clothing is comfortable and multifunctional, and it is accepted to wear in any social setting, even for work. It means that anyone can wear it in many different circumstances.

2.) It is also easy to wear because it doesn’t wrinkle. It has anti-odor properties and is breathable and durable.

3.) Athleisure wear is perfect for any weather, including extreme heat or cold.

4.) This trend is popular on social media and with celebrities.

5.) Athleisure is innovative and is continually improved by athletic brands.

Calling athleisure a trend is an understatement. More to say, it’s like a movement or a fashion cult because it has spread worldwide. More brands are producing athleisure lines, which means this trend is here to stay.

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