Popular Fashion Brands Trending on Instagram

No social media platform has become as influential — and invaluable — to the fashion world as Instagram. What began as a photo-focused platform transformed to a powerful visual platform to showcase — perfect for promoting clothes.


The role influencers play in promoting fashion has given rise to a plethora (largely) online-only fashion brands, such as Fashion Nova (who have amassed over 21 million followers!)


Some are trying to be the next fast fashion brands (think Shein) and but others are trying a carve out a unique niche for themselves. They’re all using Instagram to build an audience and now, with the ability to tag items of clothing to links for purchase, use IG posts to boost sales. 


Here are some popular brands trending on Instagram:


1) Everlane (1 million followers) - Everlane is an American retailer that sells primarily online and set itself apart by claiming to selling clothing with transparent pricing. Everlane often showcases or explains where it sources the materials from and ensures overseas factory workers are treated well.


2) Madewell (1.4 million followers) - Madewell is targeted at the modern city girl with a chic, tomboyish style. While Madewell was primarily started as a denim brand, they have since expanded into well-made bags, jewelry, and hip shoes.


3) Staud Clothing (500K+ followers) - Founded in 2015 by Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto, this LA-based brand states that fashion shouldn’t just empower women — it should also be accessible. Known more for their dresses, Staud too has since expanded into other items — including a range for pets.


4) Aerie (1.5 million followers) - Aerie is an intimate and activewear sub-brand owned by American Eagle Outfitters. Its range of lingerie and bathing suits has been lauded for use of diverse range of women and body-positive messages. Their IG posts reflects Aerie’s commitment to un-retouched photos.


5) House of Sunny (625K+ followers) - This London-based fashion house has seen even the likes of Kendall Jenner wear its dresses. Such influencers have helped House of Sunny emerge as ‘must have’ in a Gen Z wardrobe.


6) Paloma Wool - This Barcelona-based clothing brand is also a creative project focused around the art of getting dressed. Paloma Wool designs dresses, tops, sweaters, bottoms and shoes use conscious manufacturing, suppor local production, all the while using sustainable fibers and low-impact dyes.

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