How to measure for clothing sizes

One of the challenges of shopping for clothing online is picking the correct sizes. We all have become home buddies because of the pandemic, and we got so lazy going out to the mall and trying different sizes of clothes.

You might usually wear a large, but a large size is different for every store. Knowing your correct measurements is essential to finding the right fit online.

These steps are easy. Grab a measuring tape or a piece of string and note your measurements.

Measuring your chest or bust:

For women:

One end of the tape measure should be at the fullest part of your bust, then wrap it around your body but under your arms. Keep the tape parallel to the floor. Keep in mind to keep the tape measure flat against the figure and just straight across the back but not too tight.

For men and kids: One end of the tape measure should be at the center of your chest. Wrap it around your body while keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

Note: Breathe normally and measure after you exhale.

Measuring your waist:

Most clothing lines use the “natural waist” measurement for their size guides. Start from the narrowest part of your waist, located above your belly button and below the rib cage. Measure around the waist while the tape measure lay flat against the figure but not too tight.

Note that some brands use a “low” waist measurement. For this, you should measure at the point where your trousers would normally ride.

Measuring your hips:

First, you need to stand with your hips together and measure the fullest part of your hips. Go over your buttocks as well. It is recommended that you have someone to assist you with this or that you do it in front of a mirror.

Measuring your neck:

This is usually for men’s shirts or dresses.

First, wrap the tape around your neck, going around your Adam’s apple. Ensure the measuring tape is consistently level and not too tightly around your neck.

Measuring your inseam:

The gap between the uppermost part of your thigh and your ankle is the inseam. To measure it, start from the crotch to the cuff on the inside seam of the leg. It is best to wear a pair of shoes to ensure the hem hits the right point on your shoe.

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