How to choose the right fabric for clothes

Choosing a suitable fabric is one of the most critical steps in sewing a garment or buying one. It could mean a big disappointment if you make the wrong choice—fabric matters. It is the heart and soul of any sewing project. It could ruin it if you don’t choose the right one. Or if you are buying new clothing - you must select a suitable fabric that will have a nice feel on your skin.


Here are factors that need to be considered for choosing the suitable fabric:


1Research - It will be worth doing some research about the garment you want to sew, or you want to buy. Window shopping is beneficial on this part. Looking around the stores and touching the fabrics used for the garments would help you understand what materials to use for your sewing project.


2. Drape - Checking the fabric when hanging loose will help you imagine how it is when worn. By knowing this factor, you can imagine what your project would look like if you used a certain kind of fabric.


3. Colour - The color of fabric may vary in different lighting. Make sure always to check the color of the fabric using natural lighting. It may be different from how you imagine your project to be.


4. Stretch - Fabrics have different stretches. The stretch will determine if you will get the correct concept for your project. It is helpful to stretch the fabric while doing the research phase. That way, you will be aware of how your garment will fall when worn.


5. Width - Fabrics also have different widths. Make sure to check while still in the store and do the research to determine the number of fabrics to buy for your sewing project.


Here are also different kinds of fabric to consider:


1. Linen - Linen is the number one favorite fabric for any design. Linen has a nice fall and weight. It also feels expensive and luxurious before you’ve even cut it out.


2. Heavy Cotton - It is the fabric to consider when designing garments with more shapes.


3. Silk - It may be harder to sew, but it has a great look and feel for any project.


4. Light Cotton - It is perfect for simple projects because it is easier to sew. The drape of light cotton fabrics is soft enough.

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