70s fashion making a comeback in 2023

2021 was a year of transition. We desired to dress up again and re-emerge from being in the hidden spaces since the pandemic. It is a joy to make an effort again. We also took confidence in more personal and genuine style choices, especially in fashion. These trends have been harder to interpret than ever, even though some say that trends are dead. But what was evident was our need for elegant looks and our desire to dress with a sense of the real-world ideal.


As pandemic conditions are here to stay, trendy and understated looks are returning. There are plenty of references to sentimentality and dreams of pre-covid and pre-internet lost worlds. Counter-culture style is gaining acceleration, driven by the necessity to reduce environmental impact and the rise of various self-aware looks. It is the most important trend that translates into a more inclusive yet distinctive way of dressing.


As the fashion industry strives to become more sustainable, antiques are increasingly becoming the top shopping agenda. In particular, the fashion trend of 2022 is making a significant comeback to the 70s-inspired style, a wild decade full of vintage and revolution.


While adopting a greener perspective, shoppers have fallen for the romance of the archival collection. "Everything ancient will be revived" is a typical phrase, but it's true. From midi dresses to wide trousers, many style throwbacks will make their way to our next shopping cart.


The vintage fashion trend is back in style. Everyone is getting dressed while connecting to some groovy fashion inspiration. This trend includes repeating outfits, opting for vintage choices, and supporting more ethical clothing brands. This action combines the latest women's clothing and accessories since 2015 with high-quality pieces that are always up-to-date every week.


In the last year, what dominated was the vintage shopping headlines; but this year saw a transformation towards items that would outpace trends. Investment buying has become a top priority, with fashion enthusiasts sharpening their elbows to print rare collectible garments, beautiful couture, and statement blouses that can be customized and made even more special.


Just as many have become excited and happy, some are still adamant. Even though the majority is going to follow the new trend of the 70's comeback, some saw it as a traumatic fashion sense. 


So, which one are you? Are you for the yeas or nays?

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